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REGULAR Membership is £10/month and £100/year


Your Style Club offers women a premium online service at a fraction of the cost of hiring a personal stylist.

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I'm Sophie Thorpe and I'm here to be Your Style Sister. STOP wasting time and money on clothes you never wear, and let me show you how to shop like a pro! Trust me - you'll love the results...

We all lead busy lives and that's why Your Style Sister has designed a flexible, efficient and fun solution to all your personal styling needs.

Here's How 'Your Style Club' Works

Your One-Stop-Style-Shop For All Your Style Needs, 24/7

Are you...

Frustrated every time you open your wardrobe because you have 'NOTHING' to wear?

Finding clothes shopping as challenging as your love life?

Feeling a bit frumpy and stuck in a style rut?


Then it's time to revisit, refresh and revive your style!...

Your Style Club is just the tonic you need!

As they say...
"you don't get a second chance to make a first impression!"

"Was propped up in bed last night working through the last few months videos, they were quite addictive! Since we met you have been like a guardian angel on my shoulder whenever I have to go shopping, it's great having your guidance and style inspiration on tap like this xx"


"Sophie, I love all your videos. I'm addicted to them!!"

Web Designer

"Thanks Sophie, these videos are great! I think I need to sneak into an M&S store soon..."


"Oooh Sophie! These video tutorials are amazing! Thank you for doing them x"


"I've learnt to dress for me whilst sending a message to the world... a woman who is comfortable with herself and happy to express who she is through clothes and colours!"

Project Manager

"Your videos are making me want to buy all the clothes!"

Project Manager

"I hated and dreaded shopping. I have no patience or inclination to shop. Sophie has shown me how to achieve fun, hassle free shopping and she’s totally changed my mind-set about not buying clothes until I’ve lost weight, which was my biggest hurdle. Weirdly, with a new wardrobe I feel really good about myself!"


"Love love loves these shopping (video) trips Sophie! Especially recommending for all body shapes..."


"I don’t have a good eye for clothes. I pick the same things. I was scared of making the wrong decision. Sophie encouraged me to try clothes outside my comfort zone and now my favourite piece is a figure hugging dress I’d never thought of trying on – let alone buying!…"

Project Manager

So, whether you're...

A long time single lady... Looking for love...

Newly separated, divorced or single... And ready to mingle...

Or simply ready for a change... And why not!

I've got your back!

No more hiding - it's your turn to take centre stage!



Meet Your New Personal Stylist...

Your Style Sister was borne out of Sophie's pure passion for fashion! Frustrated with the unachievable media messages fed to women about how to look good and what constitutes looking good, Sophie is determined to educate women about their style to promote positivity and confidence.

Having decided at just 5 years old that she wanted a career in fashion, Sophie studied her craft, learning not just about clothes and accessories, but about the psychology behind our style choices too. Having been bullied as a child, Sophie's escape was always her dressing up box, where she could become anyone she chose. That early understanding of how clothes can change how you feel about yourself drives Sophie to share her knowledge with women around the world.

Sophie's kind and honest approach helps ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes discover what really works for them. Her Your Style Sister concept enables anyone to learn the fundamentals of great styling, allowing them to explore and have fun with their new understanding of cuts and colours, patterns and accessories, and so much more...

Your Style Sister is about nurturing and supporting clients, empowering them to feel attractive, stylish, worthy and confident - in all situations and within all budgets!

Here's the best part... Sophie will give you the confidence to ditch all those black and beige items (Sophie's pet hates) that are standing in the way of getting YOU noticed more... Instead, she will give you the 'know how' and the permission to finally be bold, bright and beautiful with your outfits!


REGULAR Membership is £10/month and £100/year


What You'll Get For Your Membership

Membership is £10/month and £100/year

The EXACT styles to enhance and flatter your body shape

Accessories to show your fun and flirty side

Maximise your options with 30+ outfits from just 11 pieces

Jewellery to ignite the passion within

Footwear to get heads turning and pulses racing

Colours that grab attention for all the right reasons

Be ready for last minute invites and intimate moments

Stop wasting time & money - it's time to shop like a Pro

Feel instantly more attractive & wildly confident

And SO much more...

Never Again Waste Time And Money On Clothes You Never Wear

Get On The Waiting List For 50% Off ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP









Are You Ready?

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Regular Membership is £10/month and £100/year


Try Your Style Club for 14 days...

If you change your mind for any reason within the 14-day trial period, you will be entitled to a full refund - no questions asked.

Waiting List Discount Offer of 50% Off annual membership is only available to those who sign up before the Deadline.

Membership with 50% Off *£100/ Annual Membership for a LIMITED TIME ONLY .


Frequently Asked Questions

Just in case you had any burning questions...


*The 50% Off Discount Offer is applied to ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS ONLY and is EXCLUSIVE to those on the Waiting List. This offer will end on the 1st of October 2018.

Membership terms are subject to change from 1st October onwards.

  • Personalised library - Everything is curated for YOUR body shape.
  • Monthly Style Edit (a minimum of 11 Wardrobe Essentials to make 60+ outfits per month)
  • Weekly Style Video Tutorials (includes 7 outfits per week)
  • 24/7 access to all your video tutorials across all devices
  • Download checklists and shopping lists
  • Daily support and guidance

Great question!

Because we like to reward those who take action and grab every opportunity they can before everyone else realises what's going on! 

Your 'reward' for getting on the Waiting List and therefore becoming a Founding Member, is 50% Off your annual membership.

I know, it's fab! ;-)

Your trial period is 14 days from sign up, with a full refund for both monthly and annual memberships if you cancel WITHIN the trial period.

After the 14 days, you can cancel your monthly membership anytime. After the 14 days you can cancel your yearly membership but you will NOT get a refund on the difference.

Weekly, consisting of 7 outfits for each video.

Send an email WITHIN the 14-day trial asking for a FULL Refund and we will get that actioned ASAP.

No questions asked.

There is a video tutorial inside your membership showing you how.

IMPORTANT: As long as we receive your email WITHIN the 14-day trial period we will process your refund. We may not see your email until after the trial period has ended due to time differences but providing the email sent date is within the 14-day trial period, your refund will be processed.

We keep in contact with everyone inside the online community. You'll be invited to join as soon as you're in Your Style Club.

Absolutely not!

You are free to use the video tutorials as inspiration only. It all depends on your needs and your budget.

The idea is that you are kept up to date with what's current and on-trend in the shops so when you're ready, you know exactly what to buy for your body shape and lifestyle.

Gracious, no.

All women from all walks of life are more than welcome. This is a style sisterhood after all!

Remember! Even married women might want to spice up their relationship and the style guidance by Your Style Sister is universal when it comes to making hearts race and pulses pump faster. ;-)

You do have to be a woman though! (Just clarifying, because you know some fella somewhere is going to ask me. ;-) )


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