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  • Look in the mirror and immediately pick out everything you don’t like.
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  • Constantly stress about what others might think or say about you.
  • Panic and don’t believe compliments when you’re given them.
  • Obsess over your ‘imperfections’... Never feeling “good enough”.

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Many people think better clothes will make you FEEL better! Unfortunately, this is rarely the case...

How do I know this?

For the last 20 years I’ve been working in fashion.

As a Harrods Style Advisor and running my own Personal Style Consultancy, I am proud to have a detailed and intimate insight into the mind of thousands of women around the world.

That’s why I am confident to share a little secret people rarely admit...

Virtually EVERY woman will still find something about their body, or general appearance, to complain about... regardless of the clothes.

The truth is, they’ll stand in front of the mirror in the fitting room in a truly gorgeous outfit and be almost proud to tell me about what they are seeing…

To my horror it’s never the beautiful woman I’m looking at in an amazing outfit, oh no. More often than not it's...

“I’ve got such a…”

Big bum... Bingo wings... Flabby tummy... Short legs... Knobbly knees... Chicken neck... Narrow shoulders... Wide hips...

The list goes on and on and on!

Daily Body Confidence Tutorials

Every weekday I go LIVE with profound and deeply insightful understandings into why we don't like the way we look, and why we have the tendency to be so self-critical.

PLUS, as a qualified Hypnotherapist and VirtualEMDRTM trainer, and one-time self-critical thinker myself, I share the VERY BEST techniques for silencing that negative voice in your head, once and for all.

Here's a few lovely words from other Style Sister's already in the community

"Before I met Sophie, I would hide away behind black, baggy clothes. I spent years being told by partners that I was fat & ugly... I've learnt to love me again and dress for me!"

Project Manager

"Was propped up in bed last night working through the last few months videos, they were quite addictive! Since we met you have been like a guardian angle on my shoulder whenever I have to go shopping, it's great having your guidance and style inspiration on tap like this xx"


"Love love loves these shopping trips Sophie especially recommending for all body shapes..."


"Sophie, I love all your videos! I’m addicted to them!!"

Web Designer

We’re OBSESSED with that one (or more) parts of our bodies that we can’t stand the sight of

We are constantly telling ourselves just how ‘unwanted’, ‘unlovable‘ and ‘unattractive’ we are.


The irony is, what you don’t like about yourself, someone else would kill to have.

Here’s a typical conversation I’m sure either you've had yourself, or been witness to...

“Oh, you look lovely today!”

“You’re joking right?! - I look soooo tired and I wasn’t even going to come out today”

“Oh my god! I love that dress on you”

“Really?! - I’ve had this one for YEARS but it’s the only thing that hides bum”

“WOW! - You look stunning!”

“Yeah well, it’s dark in here isn’t it, or maybe you should just get your eyes checked”

Sound familiar?

Are you smiling, crying or nodding to yourself at everything above…?

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Because I know you’ll love it when you’re surrounded with the love, support and guidance of other women who are or have been feeling exactly the same as you are right now.

I can't wait to meet you.




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