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I don't believe everything I see or hear, and I question EVERYTHING! The fashion & beauty industries exploit women's (and men's) insecurities to their own gain. What if we could use them to our advantage AND live with UNLIMITED self-belief and a FLARE FOR STYLE...

This has the potential to make us FORCES to be reckoned with, and the inherent ability to make s%&t happen... On OUR terms.

I believe it's totally POSSIBLE!

And I'm proving it ;-)



I am FEARLESS, TENACIOUS, and take full RESPONSIBILITY for the quality of my life. And I NEVER stop asking questions or challenging the status quo. 



After years spent working in the fashion industry, one thing was abundantly clear to me...

Every woman I ever worked with (thousands over the years) said the same s%&t about themselves. It was self-loathing on a daily basis.

I would hear things like, "I hate my bum", "I hate my thighs", "I hate my boobs", "I hate my nose", "I hate my stomach", "I hate, I hate, I hate...".

Goodness, if life isn't already challenging enough with a lack of women's social, political and economical rights, woman were/ are beating themselves up on a daily basis. How is that remotely helpful to achieving success and fulfilment, I ask you?



And that's when the biggest journey of my life began... 

I ventured deep into the rabbit hole of self-discovery...


And what I found was profound, life-affirming, powerful and easily rectified!



The answers are ALWAYS inside us

The world teaches us to look outside ourselves for success, fulfilment and validation. And indeed, this is how we began life, as vulnerable, dependent infants, looking into our parents eyes for reassurance and stability.

The tragedy is that our dependency made us 'products of our environments', and for a lot of us our environments were perhaps not as mentally, or physically 'healthy' as they could have been. Some of us have had to deal with bullying, feeling lonely or ostracised, constantly being compared to others, daily criticisms, body shaming, slut shaming, assault (both physical and sexual), or never being given credit where it's due.

All this leads to one thing, and one thing only...

Lack of Self-Belief

You might call it "never feeling good enough" or "feeling like a failure" or "feeling stuck" or "always self-sabotaging" or "always attracting the same (men) people" or "people always take advantage of me"...

When we don't feel good about ourselves, we feel, look and behave accordingly.

Now SCIENCE can prove how and why.  


After, what seems like a lifetime of depression, basement level self-esteem and really bad body image issues, I've come out the other side with a rather novel and UNIQUE approach...

Just don't say I didn't warn you ;-)


It's all about Quantum Physics and neurons, baby!

Ever said "ooh, I didn't like their 'energy'!" or "I love her energy!"? Well, you'd be right.

Quantum Physics has proved that Energy is Omnipresent, Omniscient AND Omnipotent, and that everything in our Universe, including you and me, is made purely of ENERGY that has been manifested by 'consciousness'. Consciousness is the 'thought', or as I prefer to use the REAL definition of BELIEF, that creates matter, which is us and everything physical around us.

It's literally MIND BOGGLING! 



Seriously, you actually are! The ENERGY in our bodies comes from the electrical impulses that get fired by our Sensory Neurons every time we have an experience, which is 24/ 7. These electrical impulses travel through a Neural Network of Neural Pathways that reach the brain and get encoded for ACTION!

Your Amygdala, the area of the brain responsible for your emotions and the Fight, Flight or Freeze responses, decides what action to take and sends electrical impulses, or signals, to the Motor Neurons which control your muscles, which control your movements, and you 'respond'.

All this information gets stored in the Hippocampus, the area of the brain responsible for memory creation. And when you're sleeping, the Hippocampus sends this information, again via electrical signals, to the Neocortex, the part of your brain responsible for 'perception' and 'reasoning', which become your BELIEFS. Between them they decide what is important to remember and what is not. And thus you form a specific set of beliefs congruent with your familiar and most important experiences and environments.


The road well travelled

Every time our Sensory Neurons are stimulated by experiences in our environment, a set of electrical signals create a Neural Pathway. The more frequent we have the same experience, the more the Neural Pathway is travelled. The more the Neural Pathway is travelled, the more 'familiar' the experience becomes, the more importance is assigned to the experience, and the stronger the memory and BELIEF becomes. 


But there's MORE...

Identity, our self-image and who we BELIEVE ourselves to be, is created from the totality of what we learn from our environment. For example, every time we were told that we were 'chubby', 'chunky', 'ugly', 'fat' or that our nose, feet, boobs or ass were 'too big', the more electrical signals, ENERGY, travel along well travelled Neural Pathways, cementing Neural Networks, forming memory and creating BELIEFS about ourselves - These words become our Identity. 

Your thoughts about yourself are NOT your own!


And this is the REALLY frightening part...

Your Amygdala, the area of the brain responsible for your emotions, decided how you should feel about those words. Those words are NEGATIVE, so you're 'natural' reaction is to feel bad. So if you keep hearing those words describe you, or a part of you, you will BELIEVE you are bad.

This is where we get the notion that we are "not good enough" or "a failure". You weren't born 'thinking' negative thoughts about yourself... You've been EDUCATED to 'think' this way! 


I'll see it when I believe it!

Any negative 'notions' you believe about yourself gets 'hijacked' by the fashion and beauty industries when they constantly put out the impossibly unattainable image of size 6 models wearing the latest 'fashion' or beauty products. The image you see taps into an already fragile self-image, or ego, and just goes to 'prove' that you are 'not good enough' because you don't look like societies standards of beauty.

You already believe you look bad and the fashion industry is simply capitalizing on your insecurities.

Through their advertising campaigns, promoting the unattainable, they are encouraging you to stand in front of the mirror and say or think things like, "I hate my thighs/ tummy/ boobs/ legs/ nose/ face/ feet..." and so on. Thus reinforcing the negative belief with oodles of electrical signals (energy) firing with gusto along well travelled Neural Pathways.  

Again, you are being influenced by the opinions of others. 

You see it because you believe it!


That's the hard truth!

What you believe about yourself (Omniscient) goes out into the world (Omnipresent) and brings it right back to you in full measures (Omnipotent).


So where does that leave you?

With a bunch of crappy, destructive beliefs about the way you look that you would rather not have!

  • Wanna know how to get rid of every single negative belief you've ever had?
  • Wanna know how to always feel really GOOD about yourself, in spite of what others do or say to you, or say about you behind your back?  
  • Wanna have the confidence to wear stylish clothes and feel proud to do so?


Of course you do... well I bloody hope so, anyways! Otherwise why on earth are you here ;-)

Check out the 'Science of Style' to truly understand exactly what is holding you back from feeling good about yourself and the way you look. It's a completely FREE online course that is going to uncover all the brains secrets and reveal what it really takes to create great personal STYLE.

You reap what you sow!



Sophie's Bio

A Life in Fashion

At 5 years old I declared that I wanted to be a fashion designer, and that dream has stayed with me. I've done everything from studying fashion, pattern cutting and garment construction, street trend researcher, fashion retail manager, and a 5 year stint as a Harrods stylist, working with female CEO's, socialites, celebrities, and some of the world's wealthiest women. Finally, personal styling and an independent lifestyle, was calling out to me.

Your Style Sister was created in late 2010 as a 1-2-1 personal styling service. But something was missing. Every conversation with every client was the same... "I hate my thighs, my bum, my boobs, my legs...". It broke my heart!

I knew I had to do more. I knew I had a mission. I knew I wanted to help women change what they believed about themselves. So I researched ways to do it.

I became a trained Hypnotherapist and it was at this time I learned of a technique called 'non-attachment' therapy. The treatment can remove the negative emotion (ENERGY) associated with a memory and belief, leaving you with a fresh slate and a new, positive belief, and hence more positive thoughts and behaviours.

I underwent treatment myself, using a specific technology called Virtual EMDR, and the results were astounding, and instant!

Obviously I integrated the treatment into an online personal styling program. The treatment fitted perfectly into a program I had already developed back in 2014. And now, one woman at a time, I am helping woman to BELIEVE in themselves, get the look they've always wanted and life they've always dreamed of.

The world is your Oyster... if you believe it is!



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