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Yep, we deserve to be raped...

I find it highly amusing that men, from all backgrounds, cultures and religions, can imply directly or indirectly, that it's the 'woman's fault' in assault and rape cases. That the amount of alcohol she drank was to blame, that her behaviour was to blame, that what she wore was to blame.

In the case of extreme religion, men claim that in order for a woman to protect herself from the unwanted attentions or advances of men, she should be fully covered. Thereby shielding the man's gaze and averting any possible 'urges' he might have as a result of being exposed to her 'beauty'.

How pathetic indeed!

By touting this most ridiculousness of B.S. men have inadvertently told the world exactly how weak they really are. That a woman or girl holds such power and influence over him, that he, as a man is not at all capable of resisting temptation and his urges, and is therefore compelled to assault, attack, molest and rape, beat and murder a woman for her dressing or behaving as she wishes (free will and all that!).

The man: Protector. Provider... Really?

If men really were such strong, courageous, fearless, powerful protectors and providers of women and girls, surely they are strong enough to resist the temptation put in front of them by the physically weaker opposite sex.

Men can fight in wars and kill one another. They can fight each other in pub brawls. They can take down an intruder in their home. They can survive in extreme weather conditions. They can climb mountains. They can demonstrate all these physically and mentally strong acts...

And yet they can't control themselves around a woman. A physically inferior, soft, caring, nurturing mother, sister, wife, daughter, cousin, niece, grandmother, friend, colleague, stranger.

How strange that a man is so easily 'thrown over' by a woman. A WOMAN!

Sorry chaps. Your argument is invalid. You don't get to have it both ways.

You are either EVERY woman's protector and provider. Or you are none of those things. You do not get to cherry pick which one you feel like being today, tomorrow or any other day.

And to blame the woman or girl for over-throwing your masculinity, for over-powering your self-control...are you really that weak and pathetic that you allow a woman to have such control and power over you?

If you are such strong, courageous, fearless, powerful protectors and providers of women, and girls, then you will know what utter crap it is to blame a woman or girl's clothes (lack of clothing by your argument) for your inability to be a MAN (provider and protector).

And that goes for all the defence lawyers, judges, police officers, and so on, for even remotely implying that the woman or girl is ever to blame for an assault, attack, molestation, rape, beating or murder of herself, based on the clothes she wears or the behaviour she choses to live by.

Any man (or woman) who thinks that it is ever the woman or girls' fault, openly admits exactly just how weak they actually are. 

Don't shy away from telling it as it is, now! Stand up and own that shit, be proud. Be proud to declare just how easily she broke through your weak, and ever so easily manipulated, exterior. 

Gosh! Isn't she that powerful, clever, and strong!

But wait!...what's that I hear you say?...Women are the weaker, less intelligent, less physically strong of the sexes, have lesser ability to make decisions, can't do half the things a man can do, that their brains are indeed SMALLER!! 

Oh, right, I see! I get it now. But we can still convince you to violate us. Yes, indeed...I get it now, I understand completely...

Stick with me... I've got you covered!

Being a woman can be a challenge when you decide you want more from life than just what society tells you to settle for. If you want more, come and get more!

You're welcome ;-)

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