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Indigenous Tribes Don't Have To Deal With This S&%t

If you venture into the deepest, darkest parts of any jungle, you will find tribes that wonder around pretty much naked. Or, you can watch a David Attenborough documentary to witness the exact same scenario.

Anyhoo, my point is that these tribes wander around wearing very little in terms of garments, with their breasts and genitals exposed for all to witness. And yet, they do not have a culture of shaming women and their bodies into being responsible for 'covering up their modesty', to change something about themselves because they're not 'perfect', or to protect the male tribe members from being exposed to such, well, exposure!

All members of the tribes are oblivious to any such physical exposure and go about their days without so much as a second glance at a pair of boobs or a vagina, or a cock and balls for that matter.

Their cultural upbringing does not value the naked body in the same way we do. They do not find shame in their bodies, nor do they attempt to conceal their bodies. They walk about freely and confidently.

We, on the other hand, are subjecting to daily abuse, that as we stand, are simply not good enough and that some part, or all of us, needs to change. The fashion and beauty industries are rife with such bullying and discrimination, playing on the insecurities embedded in us from early childhood about our bodies and exposing them.

It is purely a 'nurture' (nature v's nurture argument) issue here, otherwise why would remote indigenous tribes, not exposed to such body judgements and cultural conditioning via advertising and marketing campaigns, appear to be totally unaffected by the naked body!

I suspect they also do not suffer appalling traumas such as rape, physical assault or molestation as we do. Their is no secrecy about their bodies and therefore there is no titillation to be had at the sight of a bare breast or exposed penis. And yet they are pretty much naked.

This can only mean one thing. The men are educated (nurture) to being totally comfortable surrounded with naked female bodies, and of course, assuming that women presenting themselves in this way is completely normal. And it is, for them!

The way we raise our sons is key to women feeling safe, no matter what state of undress they are in, at any time. Not that I'm advocating we all start shedding our clothes (as a nudist I'd have zero objections to this) and walking around naked - I'd be out of work!

But what I am saying in this: teach our boys to accept a naked female body as normal, to be protected and respected, and we begin to tackle (no pun intended) the very serious issue of rape culture. Do not have them exposed to degrading imagery where a woman is more often than not, presented as a commodity, or being objectified, and presented as submissive, weak and 'for the taking'.

Education begins at home. A child's education starts from the moment they are born.

Stick with me... I've got you covered!

Being a woman can be a challenge when you decide you want more from life than just what society tells you to settle for. If you want more, come and get more!

You're welcome ;-)

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