Discover How To Effortlessly Build Stylish, Money Saving Outfits For Your Body Shape And Every Occasion, With Just ELEVEN Pieces...

And Get 30+ NEW Outfit Ideas Delivered Every Month For Just £5/Month*


- Love Your Style VIP Club -

Launching September 2018

Our VIP Club Caters To Women Who Desire A Premium Service At A Fraction Of The Cost

This is THE place to get bespoke style solutions and outfit building tutorials designed for your body shape, lifestyle and budget, at your fingertips 24/7.

Are you...

Stuck wearing frumpy, boring and baggy clothes that are mostly black, beige or other dull colours, leaving you feeling miserable with the way you look?

Finding clothes' shopping a total nightmare, forcing you to reach for the chocolate biscuits as soon as you get home because you're buying 'fashionable' clothes that never look as good on you as they did in the shops?

Opening your full wardrobe and sighing because you can't find anything to wear, yet you own piles of clothes and accessories that simply sit in your wardrobe gathering dust, month after month, year after year?


You may also find yourself...

Wasting hundreds, if not thousands, of £££’s on unflattering clothes that ADD on the lbs. Then, adding insult to injury, you know you're most likely only wearing between 5% to 10% of it all, if you're lucky...

... and STILL you have nothing to wear!


And sometimes, when you see other women looking amazing, you just feel you want to whack them over the head with your handbag...


If this sounds like you...

Then my guess is you do what most other women do and go back to the same shop that you've always shopped in, buying the same clothes that you already have in your wardrobe! In fact, the same clothes you bought last season, and the season before, and the season before that.

You go out every weekend wearing the same small selection of clothes that you've worn for the last couple of years... and ignore the rest of your wardrobe.

You stay in your comfort zone and condemn yourself to another 6 months of never getting noticed.


And because of all this...

You avoid social gatherings with family and friends, put off joining a new club or signing up to a new activity, even cancel dates or job interviews - all because you don’t feel good about the way you look.

Let me reassure you right now… you are not alone! Me and every other woman I know have felt just the same at some point or other!

In fact, a whopping 85% of women, globally, feel exactly the same way, with another 40% of women considering going under the knife and having cosmetic procedures, all in a bid to make themselves look and feel better.

Stop Hating What You See In The Mirror & Missing Out On Life!

The £5/Month Special Pre-Launch Offer of is EXCLUSIVE to those who are on the Priority List.

Here's the sad part...


You could be looking a million dollars every day and what's more, it doesn't have to cost a fortune, and you don't need to look like a celebrity to pull it off. In fact, though it may sound strange, the style secrets I want to share with you inside the Love Your Style VIP Club actually have even more of an effect on women who look kind of 'plain'.


It all comes down to understanding the
foundations that make great 'style':


How to dress to look great no matter what your body shape, be that an hourglass, apple, pear, rhubarb or a strawberry.

Be in control of using colour and patterns properly to make you feel and look alive and vibrant, plus making the RIGHT impact in a crowd.

What 'signature' jewellery, accessories and footwear are needed to complete all of your outfits and have people starting conversations with you everywhere you go - which won't break the bank!

How to build a 'capsule collection' so you maximise not only your money and time but also the amount of outfits you have in your wardrobe - I'll show you the 11 key items you MUST have in your wardrobe – PLUS how to make 30+ outfits from just these 11 Wardrobe Essentials!

Feeling super confident at clothes shopping - the Where, When & How of shopping like a Pro!


And that's what I'm going to share with you
inside the Love Your Style VIP Club!


As an ex-Harrods style advisor, I've worked with celebrities, CEOs and every type of woman in between to transform their image and make them as stylish and sexy as they can be for every occasion... work and play. And now I'd like to do the same for you too...

I've spent 15 years working with women who feel lost and confused when it comes to the contents of their wardrobe and I've transformed them to feeling the sexiest and most confident that they have ever felt in their lives.


And more importantly for you...


I’ve spent the past 4 years of my personal styling career developing a style ‘blueprint’ for each and every body shape. Every woman can use these foolproof strategies and tools, whenever and wherever, with total confidence. I’ve banished the guess work. Everything about individual style, and how to create it, is in the Love Your Style VIP Club…

I'm giving you the ‘blueprint’ plans for creating your very own style, so you can create the amazing look you’ve always wanted and spend all your time in clothes you'll LOVE! – with complete confidence and certainty.

What Other Members Are Saying...

"Was propped up in bed last night working through the last few months videos, they were quite addictive! Since we met you have been like a guardian angel on my shoulder whenever I have to go shopping, it's great having your guidance and style inspiration on tap like this xx"


"Sophie, I love all your videos. I'm addicted to them!!"

Web Designer

"Thanks Sophie, these videos are great! I think I need to sneak into an M&S store soon..."


"Oooh Sophie! These video tutorials are amazing! Thank you for doing them x"


"I've learnt to dress for me whilst sending a message to the world... a woman who is comfortable with herself and happy to express who she is through clothes and colours!"

Project Manager

"Your videos are making me want to buy all the clothes!"

Project Manager

"I hated and dreaded shopping. I have no patience or inclination to shop. Sophie has shown me how to achieve fun, hassle free shopping and she’s totally changed my mind-set about not buying clothes until I’ve lost weight, which was my biggest hurdle. Weirdly, with a new wardrobe I feel really good about myself!"


"Love love loves these shopping (video) trips Sophie! Especially recommending for all body shapes..."


"I don’t have a good eye for clothes. I pick the same things. I was scared of making the wrong decision. Sophie encouraged me to try clothes outside my comfort zone and now my favourite piece is a figure hugging dress I’d never thought of trying on – let alone buying!…"

Project Manager

It always amazes me what can be achieved with the
right clothes, the right colours and the
right dose of sparkles


Now even though we sometimes think of our style as something superficial, we all know that in reality the opposite is true. When we look the way we want to look, everything in our life just flows better.

We go to work feeling ready to conquer the world. We come home to someone special who looks at us the way they looked at us the day we met. The outfit you wear to an interview gives you that edge and confidence that gets you through to the next stage. THAT dress you wear on a date that has his eyes popping out (and hopefully blushing as well - like I did!).

You KNOW it when you walk in the room and feel peoples eyes on you even though you're not making eye contact with them. You know, that tingling hot sensation you get when you realise that you're rocking the s**t outta that outfit!... it makes you feel great, even lifts your mood up a couple of notches.

And of course, there's nothing like the feeling of pampering yourself, taking care of yourself, investing in YOU. You get that warm, fuzzy feeling of contentment that everything is just, well, GREAT!


I've seen it and done it all, so I know!

Having worked in arguably the world’s most famous and prestigious store as a style advisor, I now want to work with YOU. I’m an independent personal stylist but I don’t tell women what to wear. Instead I give women the knowledge, strategies and power to make the perfect style decisions that are right for them, saving them a fortune – at any time, in any shop, to any budget, for any occasion, and at any stage in their life.

If you want to create the perfect stylish wardrobe, and finally spend your hard earned money living the life that really turns you on, then let me show you how to make that your reality.


What you'll discover in the Love Your Style VIP Club
is not only how to save a fortune but
how to love your look
and love your life.

Yes, all of my clients want to look fabulous and feel really, really good about themselves.

Yes, they want stress free, cost effective shopping trips.

Yes, they want to feel much more attractive and fulfilled, with boundless confidence.


BUT what they also REALLY want is to save a bucket load of money so they can invest in what they love to do most…

Travelling. Home Improvements. Entertaining. Spoiling Friends & Family.

The last thing they want to do is worry about what they’re going to wear every morning!


If this sounds like you, then please read on to find out how I can help you make all of the above a reality for YOU too!

Don't Waste Any More Time Or Money On Clothes You Never Wear...

The £5/Month Special Pre-Launch Offer of is EXCLUSIVE to those who are on the Priority List.

What's Inside Your Monthly Membership

Having been dubbed the 'Netflix of personal styling services', this is a one-stop-shop for all women's styling needs, housed under one roof and accessible 24/7, anywhere in the world.

The EXACT Styles For YOUR Body Shape Every Month

When you join the Love Your Style VIP Club you will have access to the membership library SPECIFIC to your body shape.

Each month will showcase a minimum of 11 new Wardrobe Essentials, PLUS accessories, jewellery and footwear. EVERY item used in each video will be available in the shops in REAL TIME!

Effortlessly Build 30+ Stylish & Affordable Outfits Every Month

There's a secret formula to this!  

Each month you'll be shown how to build 30+ outfits from just 11 Wardrobe Essentials. Delivered in 4 weekly video tutorials, you'll get 7 outfits for each week. Planning what to wear will become effortless and fun...

Because I'm doing it for you ;-)

'WOW' With Accessories, Jewellery & Footwear For YOUR Body Shape

There is a secret formula to accessorising perfectly every single time, too!

And I'm going to share it with you along with your weekly video tutorials. You'll be shown exactly what to wear and how, adding that elusive and unique 'WOW' factor to all your outfits.

Mix Colours & Patterns Like A Pro Stylist And Boosting Your Mood 

Most women generally stick to black, beige and muted colours (and feel miserable as a result) because a) they think it's slimming (it's not!), and b) they feel safe. They like colour and patterns, but they're too scared to try in case they get it wrong.

I remove the mystery surrounding colour & pattern mixing, so you'll always feel confident and safe wearing them.

And this is just the beginning...

The Love Your Style VIP Club will be home to all your style needs, under one roof and accessible on your mobile devices, 24/7. 

Think of me as your Personal Stylist in your pocket and on call 24/7.


There will be bonus tutorials covering everything from...

  • Occasion Wear (incl date night and interviews)
  • Health & Beauty
  • Money & Time saving tips
  • How to shop like a Pro
  • 7 Day Challenges (to keep you motivated)
  • Holiday packing


Along with EXTRA bonuses including...

  • Access to the secret ONLINE community
  • Daily Feedback & Support from myself and the community
  • And SO much more...

How This Love Your Style VIP Club Is Going To Make You Feel...

Hold on to your big girls knickers as you transform how you feel and look!

The reality right now is...

There are actually very few women (or men) in the world who are blessed to possess a natural flare for being 'stylish'. The rest of us (yes! me included) need very clear, precise and easy strategies for creating our own personal style.

If we don't, we're kinda f***ed (excuse my language) and end up going round and round in dizzying circles, winding ourselves up into tight, crazy and exhausted balls of hysterical mush when faced with getting ready in the morning...

And please, let's not even bother talking about attending a friend's wedding, posh birthday bash or fancy works 'do'! Oh. My. God. The. Pressure!!


So what's the alternative? 

You can get advice from friends... but let's be honest, that really never works out well, does it! They don't have professional training and in my experience, they tend to put you in clothes THEY like, not necessarily what suits YOU.

You can consult the fancy yet delusional fashion magazines who's 'style' offerings generally only work for women under 30, and are most likely to be a size 8 and 6 ft tall, apparently with bottomless pockets overflowing with cash supplies to support the extortionate prices. Helpful? I don't think so!

Then there's the style darlings of Instagram and Pinterest who mostly resemble the models in the fashion mags, so that's pretty much a no go zone too.

How about trawling through the endless conveyor belt of YouTube style tutorials that yep, you've guessed it, are targeted mostly at the millennials, so you end up feeling like no one has any answers for you there either!


Or you can stick you hand in your purse and dig out a chunky wad of cash to hire a personal stylist/ image consultant for the day, the cost of which can run into hundreds of £££'s, and watch with tears in your eyes as that expense digs into your spending budget.

Then, when you get home with your shopping haul, you'll have forgotten everything the stylist told you about combining, mixing and matching, or maximising your options and so on, only to, guess what...?

Leave everything in the bags, with the price tags still on and end up with buyers regret and a huge credit card bill just for the fun of it.

Only it's NOT fun, is it!


What if...

You had instant access, 24/7, to everything a stylist would do with you, for your body shape, stage in life, budget, and so much more, for less than the cost of just ONE Cosmopolitan in a swanky London bar!


Yup! That's right... 

For just £5 per month, you will have access to a personal styling resource library never seen before - dubbed the 'Netflix of personal styling services' - at your finger tips 24/7.

Or, just to put it into perspective, your membership for the entire year is LESS THAN HALF the average cost of hiring a personal stylist just for one day, never mind seasonally!

This alone means you'll have access to professional style strategies, all under one roof and accessible 24/7, that will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of £££'s on clothes you never wear.

All these savings you can put towards ramping up your lifestyle in whatever way you dream of...


For the first time ever, I'm putting all of this information in to the Love Your Style VIP Club to give you THE top stylist's insider secrets you need to know to transform your image 
once and for all.

Shop for the clothes that will make you look and feel sexy and successful, all day, every day.

Become more daring in your outfits.

Experience the simplicity of building stylish outfits without stress or thought.

Instant boost in Self-Confidence to help you stand out anywhere.

Perceived as more successful and trustworthy

Wow your friends and loved ones with a hot new look.

Get more attention from the people you really want to connect with.

Wake up relaxed and excited about the day ahead.

Feel liberated by streamlining your wardrobe/ closet.

Save time in the mornings... and stay in bed those few extra minutes.

Be appropriately dressed for EVERY occasion.

Look forward to special events and parties with stress free preparation.

Always be ready for any last minute invites.

Save* loads of money so you have more for whizz bang holidays, investing in your home or a personal project, or spoiling family and friends

*(In the UK the average spend wasted on clothes that are never worn is over £20,000!!!). 


And to add to all that, I will be on hand inside the community to answer any question you might have, and offer my support as you take your first well heeled steps as the new you.

Get REAL Answers To All Your Style Dilemmas

The £5/Month Special Pre-Launch Offer of is EXCLUSIVE to those who are on the Priority List.

Here's What To Do Next...

You're here because either myself, or someone you know, wanted you to get the BEST EVER deal for personal style services and support on the planet, right NOW!

The Best Style Offer EVER!

The Love Your Style VIP Club membership is valued at £20 per month but for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, it is available to you for just £5 per month, with lifetime access. You will be able to cancel your membership at any time.

As soon as you get your name, email and mobile/ cell number registered on the PRIORITY LIST, you'll be sent a CONFIRMATION EMAIL which you MUST respond to immediately.

Why is this?

Great question...

The law has recently changed, and to respect your privacy I am only able to contact you about your membership if you AGREE to receive correspondence from me.

If you do not confirm your email address you will not get any emails or text message reminders at all... never mind when it comes time to join the Love Your Style VIP Club and become a Style Sister!

So if you REALLY want in, then as soon as you've submitted your registration details, jump straight to your email account, remembering to check the spam folder too, and find the email from me, labelled:

Love Your Style VIP Club PRIORITY LIST


And in case you're wondering...



Why Such A Great Offer?

I realise this is very inexpensive, so you might be wondering what the 'catch' is.

There's nothing hidden. This is simply the 'Pre-Launch Special Offer' that is available to 'those in the know' as an EXCLUSIVE for either being my client or associated with one of my dear and trusted colleagues.


So what's in it for me? Why would I offer this membership for a whopping 75% Off, knowing that what's inside far outweighs the monthly subscription by miles?


Well, two reasons...

Firstly I'm on a global mission to help women break free from feeling frumpy, and stuck wearing the same boring, mostly black, beige and baggy clothes, year after year.

Because I've seen the damage that wearing these types of clothes can do to women's self-esteem and confidence, and because I've personally seen and experienced what happens when these clothes no longer exist in a woman's wardrobe/ closet.

And if enough women get to transform the way they look, together, I believe we can eradicate the "I feel frumpy & boring" words that all too often fall from women's lips - FOREVER!

So women can go out there feeling super confident in themselves, live their best lives and become truly fulfilled with a strong sense of their self-worth and who they are.

... and to take their rightful place in this world.

As they say, "you don't get a second chance to make a first impression". 


And on a personal note, I'm extremely excited about what I have to share with you inside the VIP Club, because this is the exact same process and strategies I used to confidently and easily transform my own image into something I am super proud of.

Believe me, I was just like you. I loved fashion, desperately wanted to look fabulous and yet ended up overwhelmed and confused when out shopping, mostly going home empty handed and miserable.

Now I know what to look for, and exactly what to stay away from, no matter how much I think I love something... Saving myself a small fortune in the process.

So if I can do it, so can you!


Together we can create a global movement of Style Sister's
that are doing it for themselves!

I want you to be feeling and looking YOUR best every day. You deserve to feel great about the way you look, and know that you look amazing.

And I'm committed to adding tools and resources to your membership so you will always have access to a wealth of style knowledge, all in one place for as long as you want it.

I believe, and I want you to always remember, that anyone can learn anything given the right tools, resources and strategies. Great personal style is available to ALL women who want it.

My hope is that you'll love being a member and this will be the start of a fun and supportive relationship between us for years to come.

But Wait! There's even more...

Your 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

When you join the Love Your Style VIP Club, no matter whether you choose to pay monthly or annually (there's a two month discount for annual memberships), you are entitled to a FULL Refund WITHIN the first 14 Days of purchase/ membership.

Obviously, I hope you'll love the content and value I'm giving you so much, you won't want to leave. But if you do, all you have to do is let me know and I'll get that refund processed for you without any questions. And we'll still be friends.

IMPORTANT: In your membership library you'll find a refund video tutorial walking you step by step through the process. And I am super strict on the deadline for cancellation. When the 14 Days are up, they're UP!

With all that said, there is just one thing to keep in mind... 

Don't Miss This £5/Month Pre-Launch Special Offer For Lifetime Membership

The £5/Month Special Pre-Launch Offer of is EXCLUSIVE to those who are on the Priority List.

Remember, This £5/Month Pre-Launch Special Offer Expires When The Love Your Style VIP Club Membership Doors CLOSE

You will have just 24 hours in which to CLAIM your £5/month Pre-Launch Special Offer and to guarantee you get notified when the membership doors open, please provide your mobile/ cell number.

So go ahead and get on the PRIORITY LIST TODAY!

Frequently Asked Questions

Just in case you had any burning questions...

Step 1. Get on the PRIORITY LIST. Once registered, you will be sent a confirmation email. Please respond to it immediately.

Step 2. Get your TEXT MESSAGE REMINDER the second the membership doors open! If you did not register for the text message reminder, you will be sent an email reminder.

Step 3. Complete the Body Shape Calculator. Once you complete the Body Shape Calculator you will be sent to the membership registration page SPECIFIC to your body shape. Join the membership. Et voila! You're IN.

The £5/month Pre-Launch Special Offer is EXCLUSIVE to those who are on the Priority List. When membership doors open, you will have just 24 hours to claim your £5/month Pre-Launch Special Offer. If you miss the deadline, you'll have to join at the FULL membership subscription of £20/month. 

The Pre-Launch membership doors will open in SEPTEMBER 2018. This is EXCLUSIVE to those who are on the PRIORITY LIST ONLY. Everyone on the list will be notified weeks in advance of when the doors open for joining. PLUS, if you registered your mobile/ cell number you will receive a TEXT MESSAGE REMINDER the second the doors open!

So make sure you give me your mobile/ cell number to guarantee you don't miss out!!


You have 14 Days from the date of purchase to cancel your Love Your Style VIP Club membership.

In your membership library, located in the 'Welcome' section, you will see a cancellation video tutorial, walking you step by step through the cancellation process.

Obviously, I hope you'll be so bowled over by the level of content and value I'm giving you that you won't want to leave.

But if you do, I'll probably ask for your feedback so I can do everything possible to improve the membership.

And of course, we will still be friends!

Standard Membership subscription is £20 per month.

HOWEVER, the Pre-Launch Special Offer has two memberships:

£5 Per Month (paid monthly)

£50 Annually (paid annually with 2 months FREE) if you pay up front.

Both come with lifetime access locked in at these Pre-Launch Special Offer prices. Join the Priority List and you'll never pay a penny more.

This offer is EXCLUSIVE to those on the Priority List. If you choose not to register on the priority list but want to become a member, you join at £20 per month. 

You can cancel at any time. You are in total control of your membership. 

HOWEVER, if you cancel your subscription, your access is immediately revoked from all content in the membership.

And if you change your mind and wish to re-join, you will pay the FULL membership subscription of £20/month. 

For as long as you are paying your monthly subscription, you will have unlimited access to everything in your membership library... This includes, but is not exclusive to, weekly outfit building video tutorials, body shape specific styles, colours & pattern mixing, accessorising, footwear, access to the private community, feedback & support from me!

You will get a new video tutorial at the end of each week showing you how to build 7 outfits, one for each day, for the following week. You will be notified every week when each video is ready for you.

Inside your membership library. As soon as you become a member you will be given login details that will give you access to your personal membership, where all your tutorials, bonuses and much more, will be homed.

YES! I do...

First you will need to be a VIP Club member who is fully engaged and contributing to the success of the community.

There are other factors I take into consideration when interviewing potential Ambassadors... such as size of your community, engagement of your community, your reputation within your community and outside your community, and how much effort and resources you are prepared to commit to promoting the membership.

And of course, if we connect personally too. My relationships with everyone I work with are very important to me.

You can reach out to me once you're in the VIP Club. I can't wait to hear from you!

About Sophie Thorpe

Hi, my name is Sophie and my goal is to get women in their rightful place in the world. Fully in control of their own image, lives and success.

Join me, and all the other Style Sister's, as we embark on our style journeys to feel and look attractive, confident and worthy of all the success and dreams we can imagine, and the courage to go out into the world and achieve our full potential!

I truly hope you register for membership to the Love Your Style VIP Club, and join us in the private community to share your style journey...

... which by the way, will be applauded and nurtured so you feel welcome and safe.


As soon as you register on the PRIORITY LIST you'll be sent a confirmation email which you MUST respond to immediately.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you also provide your mobile/ cell number so I can send you a TEXT message reminder the second the doors open.

I know that emails can get missed, or lost in the spam folder, lives can get busy and we forget, so providing your mobile/ cell is the very best way to guarantee you get notified when the doors open.



If You Join After This Time Your Membership Subscription WILL BE Higher!


The Love Your Style VIP Club is set to be like nothing you've ever experienced before. Dubbed the 'Netflix for personal styling services', it's a One-Stop-Shop for all your style needs.

So I highly recommend you wait no longer to get on the PRIORITY LIST, and I will keep you posted on the launch date and time.


I am literally about to burst with excitement...

I can't wait to have you join us in the sisterhood and I'm even more excited for your style journey.

See you soon...

Bye for now!

Sophie x


Give Me Your Mobile/ Cell Number To Get Notified The Second The Doors OPEN!